15 Server Ideas & Tips | Make the Most Cash!

Whats up all of my fellow servers! In case your in search of some recommendations on being a greater server and making more cash look no additional! Listed below are my favourite tried and true server/bartender ideas.

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23 thoughts on “15 Server Ideas & Tips | Make the Most Cash!”

  1. Great vid – Pet peeve: I hate it when my waiter or waitress blames the people in the back (cook/chef) for a mistake. If she brings out a steak cooked well that should be medium for example and instead of smiling & just saying “we’re sorry, let’s get this fixed for you real quick” versus standing there with no smile on your face and telling the customer how she told them to cook it medium and that the cook staff screwed this up while roiling her eyes. Just comes across very petty and artificial.

  2. I’ll start working today as a waitress for the first time, I was so nervous, but girl!! You’re good !! I’ll be acting like you !! Lol thanks for the tips!

  3. You want a better tip, dont nickel and dime a customer for everything like peppers o sauces, Just give to them.
    If you know them dont charge the drink unless its alcohol.10/10 they tip you more. Bcuz you come of as above and beyond.

  4. Good video. The reason chemical dependency and use runs rampant in the serving arena is because it is can make you feel anxious and self-concious to approach complete strangers and then play the part of Mary Poppins consistently. But those who are able to do so consistently, perhaps as looking at it as bein an entertainer or performer rather than server become unstoppable.

  5. Yes! Look put together!!! First impressions are huge! Remember all people will judge you! Your looks are the first thing people judge you on. Hygiene, ironed and clean uniforms, and white teeth!!

  6. Omg, thank you so much for this video! I’ve been a line cook for 6 years now, I start a serving position right away here and I’m freaking out! I’m shy.. but I really want to get out of it. This video helped me soo much!

  7. I'm definitely going to do these tonight. Unfortunately I work at iHop the overnight shift so it's not crazy busy already and people are horrible tippers in my area. But I know it's also me being new and my first week ever serving. Hopefully these work and I make a bit more!

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  9. I work at iron hill it’s very must my first time serving I have gone home at least six times crying after training because I’m so overwhelmed especially with the alcohol drinks since I’m not a drinker everybody says I’m lucky to have gotten a job at iron hill with no experience in the restaurants or serving. Can you give me advice on how to deal with anxiety and how to multi-task better? I assumed I would have this under control since my pervious job was demanding and I did so well there. I left because lack of income. Some days I feel like I’m failing and I need to go somewhere without alcohol like a diner other days I feel blessed with this opportunity because I see my coworkers leave a shift with over $150+ a night. Please help me

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