5 Locations to Discover Clients RIGHT NOW!! for a Woodworking Enterprise

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18 thoughts on “5 Locations to Discover Clients RIGHT NOW!! for a Woodworking Enterprise”

  1. It seems to me, in several small – medium towns that I've lived in (I've never lived in a city) that there are a few bars or clubs that are frequented by contractors and home builders, construction types, right after work for happy hour. There are more that are not, but it seems most towns have a few places that are where the construction crews go. I've never tried this as a woodworker, but mostly as a brick and stone mason who can also frame, do tile work, drywall, or paint, amoung other things, I've found that once you've discovered where the "bosses" hang out, you can almost always find work there. Don't seem too desperate, like you're mostly there for a beer, or to watch a game, but you did just happen to, or will soon, finish a project and are looking for the next one.

  2. These two are like those annoying friends who get into multi-level marketing and are always trying to sell you some crap or get you to join their downline when all you want to do is hang out. Usually not friends for long.

  3. Thank you I’ve used some of them and a few got back to me and even one asked me to build a deck for his house….uh I’m a furniture woodworker but not turning it down lol

  4. Back when I was in the military and making custom t-shirts on the side, I ran into a guy I had been stationed with previously. I pulled out my business card and said, "call me. I'll have you over for dinner and we'll catch up". He glanced at my card and said, "my unit is looking to have some T-shirts made". I told him we can discuss it over dinner. He had a design already drafted. I had him bring it with him to dinner. After dinner, I took him back to my printing room and made a sample shirt and gave it to him for free. The next day he called me and everyone in his unit wanted a shirt.

    Another time, my sons played youth football and their team made it to the championship game. In advance, I made a couple of championship t-shirts with the team name and logo on the front, and the names of the coaches and players on the back. Their team won the game. As parents rushed down to congratulate the team, I slapped t-shirts on my two boys. A parent noticed them and loudly exclaimed, "hey! where did you guys get those championship shirts?" I quickly stepped in and handed that parent a business card and loudly but not obnoxiously announced, "I made them. I do custom t-shirts. Let me know if you want to order one." Every parent rushed me to place an order. Naturally, I had a small notebook and pen in my pocket and started writing down orders. I delivered the shirts at their championship banquet.

  5. Hey what about just giving something as a gift. I made a batch of beer caddy 6 packs and gave one to my friends for Christmas full of their favorite beer. I could have sold 20 that night people were so interested. Great video by the way. You two are awesome.

  6. 1. Friends and family 2. Word of mouth/Networking (not gossip). 3. Some people do NOT have a router or engraver. 4. You forgot to leave a business card with a photo of a custom project you did. Customers need to see the work and if they would like it.

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