How To Begin A Hair Enterprise (2020)

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18 thoughts on “How To Begin A Hair Enterprise (2020)”

  1. Hello
    I am Shivam Sharma I am
    Pass out MBA in marketing and sales I have need the new product development in marketplace to the product . I live in ( Agra ) Indian
    Starting a business . So please sapoting you
    Thank you
    Shivam Sharma
    AGRA ( India)

  2. From reddit: Hi Charlo, I've been following you since you began reporting on cannabis when you worked for KTVA as a reporter.

    I have several questions

    Why did you think it was OK to report on a business you owned, but not disclose your conflict of interest?

    What made you decide to trash the Kodiak Bar? Was it because you were mad at the landlord or was it because the judge did not side with you?

    When you tried to throw your "Girdweed" event, you failed to notify anyone within the town and pissed off quite a few residents. Instead of trying to meet with these people and hear their concerns you decided it would be appropriate to dox one individual to your over 50,000 facebook followers. Why did you think threats would make the situation better?

    Whenever you get called out you always like to drop the race card.

    Most recently you posted a video called "The Lynching of Charlo Greene"

    Why do you think this is race motivated when the other 3 individuals facing the same charges as you are white men?

    You also have a history of putting on "events" charging tickets for these events, and then not showing up while walking off with the money. Do you think it's not a crime to steal money from people like that?

    You state the submissions to your cannabis cup were "stolen" yet you still have cannabis available for purchase from your "store" and none of the competitors got their entry fees back.

    Why did your brother stop working for the Alaska Cannabis Club?

    Why did you and Peter break up? (To people saying this is a "witch hunt", he was a co-founder of the Alaska Cannabis Club so it's very relevant)

    Why do you tell people you have the first legal dispensary in Alaska? Your dispensary was never licensed by the Marijuana Control Board.

    Why do you tell people you single handily got legalization passed? Polling already showed it was likely to pass. You did not participate in the campaign at all, and when town hall meetings were taking place to discuss the rollout of regulations you were nowhere to be found. You were off doing shows that you were paid to attend. How can you be an activist and entertainer at the same time?

    Edit – Thanks for the gold kind stranger 😀

    Edit – Wow this really blew up! This meme seems even more relevant today now

    Edit 3 – She updated her facebook. We're "pathetic" lol

    Edit 4 – She's hosting the Jack Herer Cannabis Cup right now probably still trying to spread her lies. I wonder if the people putting on this event know that she's not a legitimate businesswoman but in fact a scam artist.

    Edit 5 – in case you were wondering what she said, here's the archive of the AMA

    Edit 6 – Hi everybody, in case you are wondering what Charlo has been up to, she's still buying likes and followers for her Instagram/FB. 153K "Followers" and you will see many posts barely get more than 600 likes(this is because she pays for a minimum of 600 likes per post) on Instagram. The same can be said for her Youtube Channel which typical views range for 100-300 views and days after they premier will skyrocket to 5000+ views in a matter of minutes. She's pulling a "Silicon Valley" on her sponsors(half the time her "sponsor" will be a shell company which she herself owns).

    She also started a show called "The Weed Show" despite there already being one.

    She's now pushing a CBD line as well. If you look on the website she had nothing but mock up products. She finally posted an instagram picture today of a real one.
    If you look up the SKU you will find it leads to this

    I don't think there is anything authentic about this woman.


    Edit 7 – In case you missed the part where Charlo takes advantage of the legal system to harass people and have them falsely arrested. I find it hypocritical that she begs and pleads for sympathy with her legal case, when she has abused the legal system to have others falsely arrested.

    Charlo –

    >Were you in the bar or did you just see the photos that my former neighbor, the woman I had a restraining order against and had arrested, staged for the media?
    What other proof do you have? If the place was trashed as such, charges or a lawsuit would've been filed. And you would've seen it covered on a reputable news site, not some blog run by racists bent on smearing my legacy.
    In your "proof" there are no threats as you claim, no proof of theft, no proof of event attendees not receiving their funds…
    You've gathered every possible negative rumor from Alaska about me without any regard for the fact that each situation has already been handled.
    So I'm glad I can put it rest now.

    My response

    >Anybody who disagrees with you seems to end up with a restraining order against them, including your landlord. Ms. Shaubach was never charged with any crime. Also none of your restraining orders seem to hold up in court(or the ones you have your employees/friends file as well)*mdc*l-8LMYaQAj51ItVuC-pKt3Y54TKeqA
    12/14/2014 Petition for Short-Term Stalking Protective Order
    12/14/2014 Petition for Long-Term Stalking Protective Order
    12/14/2014 Order Granting Short-Term Petition
    12/14/2014 Process Issued
    Agency Issued to:
    Agency Location: Anchorage
    Protective Order Short Term issued on: 12/14/2014
    For: Shaubach, Sarha
    12/31/2014 CD # 15B
    LOG # 09:04:17/09:55:14
    12/31/2014 Process Cancelled
    Protective Order Short Term canceled on: 12/31/2014
    For: Shaubach, Sarha
    12/31/2014 Long-Term Petition Denied at Long-Term Stage
    12/31/2014 Case Closed
    01/02/2015 Copies Made (Case) Receipt: 1137356 Date: 01/02/2015
    Why do you say the Kodiak Bar was staged by the media? The media was standing outside waiting for you to be evicted before the community clean up began. After the judge ordered your eviction you advertised on Facebook that you were having 1 more large party before you were evicted. You did not try to hide these facts at ll. The community clean up was put on by members of the cannabis community who didn't want your actions to reflect upon them. Many of these individuals you have had abrasive run ins with as well.
    There you go again calling people racists. Is everybody in your world a racist?
    I guess my proof doesn't count, even though the screenshots of your facebook account show you doxxing an individual.
    Do you think all the media in Alaska is out to get you and run by racists?

    Edit 8 – Me right now

    Edit 9 – You can check out her latest video with her guest star Dani "The Camerawoman" Mathers.

  3. @CharloGreene are you still affiliated with this program? Is this an e-comm business? Since it say No Label on your website, does that mean I could rename by business whatever I prefer? Lastly, does hair come from a manufacturer or distributor? Thanks so much! I am truly interested in this business…

  4. Charlo urgent question! there is a company by the name of nobelexstensions claiming that your their owner both online and on Instagram! they even have an Instagram page which says that you're their CEO! give us some clarification on this, please? are you their owner? are they just using your name and pictures to fool us making us think that you're their owner? I am getting confused!

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