Mini Break up Filters

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39 thoughts on “Mini Break up Filters”

  1. Awesome video! I also did the same thing with the house but the other direction with the kids starting to move on in life. So, smaller house, more land and a shop that is bigger than the house. Now I have a blank slate to work with and your shop is very close to what I have, so thanks for the great ideas, even on the HVAC which I was wondering how it would work. I look forward to an update later in the middle of summer to see how the mini-splits are working.

  2. I just cleaned my minisplt. Took me 4 hours. I could not believe how dirty everything internal got over 1.5 years. I clean the screens monthly but, they really don't do any real filtering. I am just going to put a simple filter over the top at the intake of the system to try and curb it. I don't even care if it looses some efficiency. I don't want to have to clean that much dirt anytime soon!

  3. I built a similar air cleaner cart a few years back. When looking for a blower motor, I contacted a couple local HVAC companies about purchasing a used blower motor. I explained to them what I was going to do with it. One flat out said they wouldn't sale or give me one. The other said they would be happy to sale me a brand new one for about $200. They refused to sale me a used one. My patients payoff eventually though. I ended up finding a brand new one at a rummage sale for I think $30 bucks. The guy was an HVAC contractor who was retiring.

  4. 9:03 Did you use the glue to seal for air-tightness, or to add some strength to the joints? I just did something similar, but I used caulk to seal it up. Never occurred to me to just use a pile of glue (actually, I think my glue probably would have been too low viscosity to hold up in vertical and inverted orientation fillets).

    PS: That is a great picture!

  5. Jay, maybe I missed your reason the filter boxes are not centered on the unit? Seems the filter the furthest from the unit would not be drawing air in as much as the other three. wm

  6. Looks great just make sure you obviously keep the filters from getting too dirty since that will affect the airflow to the indoor coil which in return will affect the condensor causing it to run harder because refrigerant pressures will change.

  7. A side note: Seeing the unprotected stair drives me NUTS! Even if you plan to replace the stairway just put up a temporary rail, like you would see on a construction site. In your place I would think, "how much trouble is it to put up a protective railing, and how much trouble do I get into if someone (probably me) falls down or off of the stairs?" Easy decision. Please do this. We'll all sleep better.

  8. The large combined surface area of those filters, coupled with the static pressure that those units are designed for, may not move enough air, to make efficient use of the media. A good measure would be of the vacuum inside the boxes, especially before and after cleaning the filters. To properly filter – the air needs to move.

  9. Jay, I just had a question about efficiency for the mobile cart. Since the blower is sitting horizontally, its main intake is always closer to one of the filters. I'm curious if you find that this filter gets clogged up faster than the others. If so, do you think that it would be beneficial to mount the blower vertically, so that there is potential to better distribute the air intake between all four filters?

  10. I like mini splits but most all of them have the problem of those crappy window unit air filters. They really aren't much of a filter and even in a house they are not adequate for filtering the dirt etc from your home if you value air quality at all.
    There are some mini splits that have quality air filters available for them but they are still small and are expensive and need to be replaced very often.

    I'm also a fan of using HVAC blowers. I have 4 small ones I just got from a friend and t have heat strips. The small ones are easier to use and you can use more than one in the shop. I have a hanging filter but since I am restoring cars in the shop at the moment and all the WW tools are shoved to the end of the shop… Stripping a car down to a bare shell, sanding welding grinding etc creates massive amounts of dirt and my ceiling mounted filter plugs it's prefilter in an hour or so…
    Going through N95 masks is getting expensive so I have ordered a washable mask with replaceable filter inserts.

    Also on your amp draw test. If the filters reduced airflow your amp draw would decrease. When a fan moves less air it pull less amps. Just like that HVAC fan if you leave the outlet wide open it will move more air but pull too many amps and run hot. Block the output and the amp draw will drop. This is why you should use an amp meter to adjust the back pressure on an air filter cart.

  11. I wonder how the air flow might change as the filters get dirty, I’m thinking not much. But remember with this kind of pump, pumping more fluid draws more power, less can reduce it, and stalling it usually makes much less amp draw. Example, block your vacuum hose, rpm’s will rise not fall. Nice addition, and well thought out as always. Your shops looks like it’s been a working shop for a year already. How hot does the ceiling insulation get?

  12. "…so I can look over the edge, which I never do".

    Camera then pans to look over the edge, which he never does. Man…you can't trust people these days. They tell you one thing and do something else.

  13. you measure wrongly the amperage of the outdoor unit which is not clogged with filters should measure the airflow and the amperage of the indoor units and the engine temperature of the indoor unit turbine because the lack of air flow makes the motors overheat and ignite

  14. Typically, air handlers, which is effectively what a mini-split head unit is, will be rated for a certain static pressure drop. You can measure that with a dual port manometer. I recently finished my HVAC system (a ducted Mitsubishi unit) and used a cheap $30 digital manometer off of ebay to verify the static pressure increase.

  15. Great idea Jay. I had a mini split system in my last shop. Every few weeks I would have to clean out the filter, and it would be CAKED with dust. I read somewhere that all that dust can actually damage the system over time – not sure if that's true, but I mean… I did read it on the internet.

  16. I use SimplySafe. I'm pretty happy with it.
    Thanks for doing this about the filters. I'm really having trouble in my shed though. Not enough space to get the runs to work right. Its driving me crazy. And you can't find a HF DC in stores anymore, and they are rare to find on CraigsList now too. Its really tough to get past this, and on to wood working I actually want to do. Very frustrating.

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