Why I Practice Home Cleaners – My Story

I am usually requested why I practice home cleaners. That is my story of being knowledgeable home cleaner for 25 years. Then a life-changing occasion had me take my maid …


21 thoughts on “Why I Practice Home Cleaners – My Story”

  1. Like other commenters, I am not affiliated with the house cleaning industry, other than being a client. I found Angela’s channel while searching for the best way to clean shower doors. Why am a subscriber? Because Angela is an exceptional,
    inspiring human being. I wish more people were like her.

  2. My daughter had some of the same pdoblems when she was younger, she is now happily married with 2 children and is training to be a therapist. There is livbt at tbe end of the darkest tunnel x

  3. I have almost zero interest in the house cleaning industry. That’s not why I watch your channel. What I heard you say today? That’s why I watch.

    You’re an amazing individual

  4. Wow. Just wow. I really look forward to hearing the rest of the story. I hear of people doing this and admire them so much. I also can only imagine that on a day to day basis it hasn't been even remotely like a Hallmark movie with the stereotypical happily ever after.
    As a side comment, it's great to know you are a fellow North Carolinian. I am too. I recently moved from New Bern up to the mountains.

  5. In 7 minutes you told the most amazing story. Thank you for sharing that…I’ve always enjoyed you & your videos and had no idea you’d been through so much. Now, as for NC! I’m about 1 1/2 hrs from Charlotte and would have NEVER guessed you lived in NC…you have no accent! Oh, most days I wish I didnt (have an accent, lol) I’m as about as much North Carolinaian as one can get, lol. Have a great day! ~ Carol

  6. I give honor to you and your husband. I don't yet know the rest of the story (happy ending or not), but even this self-sacrificial decision is an inspiring example of greater love —- laying down your life for another. Thank you for sharing this.

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